Honey & Bamboo Facial Scrub


Honey & Bamboo Facial Scrub

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A “facial-a-jar” brightening treatment packed with raw honey, herbal extracts and bamboo micro-beads to detoxify and soften skin.

{ B E N E F I T S }

Like a facial in a jar, and gentle enough for daily use. To make this product we grind down bamboo to create a dense microfoliant, perfectly round beads that gently polish the skin. We blend this with raw Canadian clover honey, nourishing organic oils, fragrant rose geranium hydrosol & a delicious blend of essential oils known for their softening, brightening & tightening properties. The concoction is topped off with potent healing herbal extracts to strengthen skin and promote elasticity & healing. Skin emerges bright, supple, soft.

{ A R O M A T H E R A P Y }

Rose geranium, Vanilla, Honey. Think rich, deeply sweet, intoxicating & floral.

{ A L L   I N G R E D I E N T S }

Raw honey, organic apricot kernel oil, organic bamboo powder, organic coconut oil, organic mango butter, organic rose geranium hydrosol, beeswax, emulsifying wax (vegetal), organic rosemary antioxidant, organic wild yam extract, organic chamomile extract, colloidal silver, organic vetiver, organic vanilla extract, organic rose geranium, organic ylang ylang

{ D I R E C T I O N S }

Use this treatment as often as every other day to keep skin soft and vibrant.
A little goes a long way. Using gentle circular motions, massage bamboo beads into skin. Rinse with warm water, or wear 5-15 minutes as a hydrating, brightening mask before removing.
Daron recommends wearing the mask into a steamy shower or bath: "Raw honey is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture and helps bind it to the skin. It's a great way to mimic the warm steam I use in the treatment room and keep the natural enzymes active on your skin. "

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