About EarthTonics

My goal is to forge a new pathway in the field of beauty and health, by creating healing skin tonics and rituals for loving self care, grounded in an attitude of kindness toward the self and the planet. These products are designed to bring you back to yourself— the most natural , radiant version of yourself.
— Daron Hope, Founder & Formulator

Created by Holistic Aesthetician and skincare chef, Daron Hope, our products are handcrafted in small batches from pure, organic & wild-harvested ingredients.

High Potency Micro-batches


Our micro-batch formulas are blended regularly and hand-poured with care and intention, to ensure our customers fresh, potent therapeutics. Our exquisite raw, unadulterated ingredients offer subtle variances in color and aroma, reflecting the unique atmosphere of their growing season.

Each and every ingredient we work with offers immense nutrition to the skin. No fillers, no synthetics, no artificial fragrance or chemical preservatives. THIS IS SKIN FOOD. When we feed our skin with whole-plant nutrients, we provide the necessary building blocks for repair, resilience and vitality. The skin balances and glows with wellness.
— Daron Hope, Founder

In The Botanical Kitchen in Ojai, CA we steep ourselves in the alchemical process— meticulously concocting our beloved beauty tonics— an offering designed to awaken the pure pleasure of daily ritual and honest self care.

From our hands and hearts, with so much love.

Our process honors the journey these exquisite botanicals make from seed to skin— sustainably sourced from small farms and fair-trade operations by dedicated artisan distillers, then reverently hand-blended in micro-batches to ensure maximum potency and freshness.
— Daron Hope, Founder & Formulator