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We believe in the transformative power of healing touch. With the utmost attention to your relaxation and well-being, we invite you to soften under our hands. Choose a therapy style from our offerings below, and know that each session is will be carefully tailored by our experienced therapists to accommodate your body's unique needs.

Botanical Back Cleanse

60 minutes, $135

This luxurious combination of organic skincare & massage will leave your back purified, soft & glowing. We begin with a warm steam, steeped with wild-harvested herbs, to relax & prepare the skin. After a deep-cleanse & invigorating exfoliation, custom-blended botanicals are painted over the back, working their magic as you enjoy a blissful foot massage. The ritual is completed with a 20-minute back & shoulder massage, infusing nutrient-dense, healing herbal oils with deep, relaxing strokes. Emerge positively radiant, relaxed & revived.

Kansa Bronze Massage

90 minutes, $170

This unique massage treatment utilizes Ayurvedic massage tools made of Kansa Bronze, known in India as "the Healing Metal." Along with our loving hands and nourishing oil blends, these highly conductive tools will work over the entire body & face, directing subtle energies to draw your inherent life force energy and blood flow to areas of tension ... releasing fascia, enhancing energetic flow and deeply relaxing the nervous system. A treatment like no other that will leave you blissed out and buzzing!

Customized Swedish Massage

60 minutes, $115 // 90 minutes, $150

All the nourishing benefit and bliss of Swedish massage strokes, with pressure and technique tailored to your body’s needs and specific areas of concern. Your skin will drink in our decadent house-made moisturizers and emerge soft and hydrated.

Craniosacral Therapy

60 minutes, $115 //  90 minutes, $150

Like a reset button for the nervous system, this therapy is derived from classic western osteopathy. Gentle but VERY DEEP work involving listening to the body, initiating healing where your body wants to begin. Unwinding the fascia feels like a meditative dive into stress & pain relief. Restorative for all bodies- whether you want to become more vibrant or work with an injury.

Prenatal Massage

60 minutes, $115 // 90 minutes, $150

We'll make sure both Mama and Baby are extra comfortable and supported in positions that facilitate deep relaxation and while focusing on areas of extra tension during this magical time!

Tui Na

60 minutes, $115 //  90 minutes, $150

Tui Na is an ancient form of Chinese bodywork that uses sweeping, pulling, stretching and rocking motions to work all the layers of the body. Varied pressure and energy point therapy move vital life force, relieving stagnation and bringing balance. Traditionally, Tui Na is a clothed massage, so wear comfortable garments you can move in. Tui Na will leave you feeling relaxed, yet energized.

Myofascial Release

60 minutes, $115 //  90 minutes, $150

Softens and melts connective tissue allowing for greater range of motion. Recommended therapy for chronic conditions. Intense and warming. 

Treatments available by appointment only.

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