Facial Rituals

Our skincare rituals combine our signature herbal formulas with ancient massage techniques and state-of-the-art healing modalities to nourish and enhance your skin's vitality. Each session is customized to address your skin's specific and changing needs, while fostering deep relaxation to nurture your whole being.

Our Signature Treatment:

"The Works"

Kansa Bronze Facial with Microcurrent

1 hr 50 min, $245

Available as a single session, or as a series for cumulative results.

Our most popular treatment is pure indulgence to every cell, combining all of our signature healing techniques into one powerful session. "The Works" combines the blissful aromatics and herbal goodness of our Botanical Facial with ancient energetic balancing of the Kansa Bronze and finally fine-tuning the complexion for maximum healing with bio-frequency micro currents and color therapy.  This luxurious holistic treatment will transport you to another world and back!

Botanical Facial

60 minutes, $115

This treatment is the foundation of all our extended treatments below.

This botanical ritual stimulates healing while enhancing the unique benefits born to each complexion. Warm herbal steam relaxes & prepares skin for deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation. Hot, aromatic towels relax muscles for a blissful massage of the shoulders, neck and scalp. Active whole-plant nutrients are custom-blended and luxuriously applied to address specific areas of concern. Careful, concentrated facial massage and pressure point therapy stimulate blood flow and lymph drainage, imparting a rosy hue & natural volume to the face. Layers of herbal correctives, floral hydrolats and nourishing moisture complete the treatment. A head-to-toe revival.

Microcurrent & Light

Bio-Frequency Facial

1 hr 30 min, $195

Available as a single treatment, or in a series for enhanced cumulative results.

Our signature Botanical Facial enhanced with bio-identical microcurrent frequencies to lift, firm, clarify and brighten. These barely perceptible healing frequencies gently move through the skin, attuning every cell and stimulating specific healing responses in the body. These gentle, non-invasive vibrations (combined with color therapy) can even be used around the delicate eye and lip area. Internally-motivated issues, such as hormonal acne or rosacea, can be addressed by working holistically via acupressure points. Awaken the unmistakable glow of wellness, with healing continuing outside the treatment room, as the body continues to vibrate in wavelengths correlating to collagen fibroblasts, wound repair, regeneration, and muscle toning. 

Kansa Bronze Facial

1 hr 30 min, $195

Building on our Botanical Facial, this treatment utilizes the power of Ayurvedic Kansa Bronze, an ancient material known in India as "the healing metal."  Kansa bronze massage tools are highly conductive to the body’s bio-electricity-- as they hypnotically massage the face, neck and feet, they focus the body’s natural electric energy (prana) to specific locations (marma points) for concentrated healing. Circulation increases, stimulating collagen production and eliminating cellular waste, excess heat, and inflammation (pitta), resulting in a plump, glowing complexion. A deeply relaxing and meditative ritual with beautiful benefits for the skin. 

Facial Rejuvenation


Introductory Session: 1 hr 45 mins, $215

Regular Session: 1 hr 30 mins, $195

Available as a single treatment, or in a series for enhanced cumulative results. Facial Acupuncture Rejuvenation is currently available on Tuesdays only with Lyndsey Madden, Physician of Eastern Medicine, L. Ac.

This session begins with aromatherapy and specific placement of hair-thin sterilized needles in the face and ears. This ancient practice is a youth and wellness-enhancing ritual to support collagen production, relax chronic facial tension, and stimulate muscles for a lifted, revitalized complexion. Moving down the body, needles are placed to balance the energetic shrine of the body, enhance energy flow, and regulate internal process that contribute to healthy skin. Enjoy a grounding foot treatment, followed by peaceful rest while the needles work their magic. The treatment is completed with facial cupping and crystal gua sha massage to enhance lifting effects, while aiding in lymph drainage. Skin is bathed in supportive, nutrient-dense botanical tonics. A wonderful, holistic alternative to invasive surgeries and injections.

First time facial acupuncture clients must book the Introductory Session as their first appointment, to allow extra time for a thorough review of your goals and health, to support your best results. This treatment is not suitable for pregnant women, or those trying to become pregnant.

Enhancements & Mini-Treatments

Eyebrow Shaping

20 mins, $30

Consultation and design to enhance your fullest, natural shape using your preference of our gentle Kava Kava wax or tweezers.

Mini Clarifying Treatment with Microcurrent and Ozone

25 mins, $75

A wonderful mini-treatment to clarify and fortify the skin against breakouts. After cleansing, we'll treat the skin with gentle anti-inflammatory microcurrents and blue light to reduce redness and swelling of problematic areas. Then, a pass of ozone to oxygenate and eradicate blemish-causing bacteria. Finish with a customized cocktail of serums and moisture to boost your skin's health. A great booster between regular facials, and recommended weekly for chronic acne issues.

Mini Tone + Tighten Treatment with Microcurrent

25 minutes, $75

Beginning with gentle microcurrent frequencies over the entire face to support collagen and elastin production, and then a careful focus on the delicate eye area, this treatment is an enlightening refresher for skin needing a youthful boost. A wonderfully revitalizing mini-treatment between regular facials.

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