Facial Ritual Series


While a single experience offers a massive healing boost to the skin, a sequence of our advanced facials shows remarkable cumulative results, and offers you a regular space for deep relaxation, sumptuous self care and ritual.

These treatments work to attune and supercharge the body, accelerating skin cell turnover, collagen-production, muscle toning and detoxifying processes. A series of regularly-scheduled sessions allows the body an extended opportunity to remain in an activated healing state, each session building on the one before. Each session tailored to your specific constitution and progress.


These treatments are recommended on a weekly or twice-weekly basis for the duration of your series, for the best results.


Both Microcurrent Facials and Facial Acupuncture are available as a series (see the menu below). Choose either treatment or enjoy the benefits of both modalities with a combination series.


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Combination Series

(Our Favorite)

The benefits of our Microcurrent Facial and Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture are incredibly synergistic. Alternate between these two signature treatments and prepare to be blown away with your newfound skin reality. We recommend alternating between the two treatments and coming in weekly. Sessions are 90 minutes each.

3 + 3

Three (3) Microcurrent + Light Bio-Frequency Facials & Three (3) Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Sessions


6 + 6

Six (6) Microcurrent + Light Bio-Frequency Facials & Six (6) Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Sessions


Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Series

Our Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Series is a holistic treatment series to lift and plump the face, minimizing fine lines caused by chronic tension, and balancing internally-motivated issues related to your skin health with treatment of the full body. Hair-thin needles tone muscles and stimulate collagen production when strategically placed in fine lines.

Series of 6


Series of 10


Microcurrent Series

Our Microcurrent Series are designed to restore the reparative function of the skin. Using ultra-fine frequencies, we attune the cells and tissues, creating a coherent field of healing vibration in the skin. These non-invasive treatments safely and naturally increase skin cell energetics, for healthy skin function and a youthful, glowing result. Your treatments are customized with frequencies to support your unique circumstances and goals— from increasing collagen & elastin production while toning & sculpting facial muscles to healing acne, rosacea and helping even skin tone.

Series 1: “The Vacationer”

(1) 90-minute Microcurrent Facial + (2) Follow-up Mini Treatments (25 mins)


Perfect before a big event, or for those visiting Ojai for a short time. Enjoy one full-length Microcurrent Facial, complete with our signature botanical tonics, massage and custom-blended herbal treatments. Follow up a day or two later with two 25-minute Mini-Treatments to re-activate healing frequencies to keep the results coming.

Recommended Schedule: Book your Microccurent Facial, with follow up treatments gapped (at least 1 day in between) 2-8 days after.

*Please Note* — For out-of-town guests, please call for availability to ensure we can accommodate you in your desired time frame.


Series 2: “The Glowing Goddess”

(4) 90-minute Microcurrent Facials + (8) Follow-up Mini-Treatments (25 minutes)


Our most recommended series to uncover your best complexion. This series offers a flexible pattern of a full-length facial followed by two follow-up Mini Treatments, to be repeated 4x. The full-length treatments allows an in-depth, highly customized mircrocurrent treatment of the face, neck, mouth/lips, and delicate eye area, while the follow-up treatments keep the most important frequencies active in the skin, with a targeted focus on areas of concern.

Recommended Schedule: Week one come in for your full Microcurrent Facial, then follow up with a Mini-Treatment one week later. Second Mini-Treatment to follow 3-7 days later. Repeat 4x.

Series 3: “The High Priestess”

(6) 90-minute Microcurrent Facials


A consistent, thorough and in-depth series for those craving incredible results and deep, meditative relaxation. These 6 full-length Microcurrent Facials allow us to thoroughly attune the tissues of the face, neck, mouth/lips and delicate eye area with multiple targeted frequencies and color combinations, in union with botanical treatments to boost your skin’s vibrance to an astonishing degree. An incredible self-care investment for your skin and well-being.

Recommended Schedule: For the best results, enjoy a Microcurrent Facial weekly for 6 weeks. Some regulars also choose this series to enjoy on a monthly basis.

Series 4: “Ultimate Enlightment”

(10) 90-minute Microcurrent Facials


An extended version of our “High Priestess” series, this package offers 10 full-length Microcurrent Facials, to be enjoyed as often as weekly, at our most generously discounted rate.

Recommended Schedule: For the best results, enjoy a Microcurrent Facial weekly for 10 weeks. Some regulars also choose this series to enjoy on a monthly basis.