We can’t help but smile when our clients are happy.

Thank you to all who have shared about their transformative experiences with us. Your kind words, vibrant faces and bright smiles fuel our passion!

xo Daron + The EarthTonics Team

Shae’s treatments transcend the notion of a traditional facial. She creates an environment of self care as sacred ritual to be embodied. Her intention to heal is evident in every potion she mixes and every motion she makes. Every time I seek her expertise, my face is rejuvenated and my spirits are enlivened.
— Shalom Harlow

Truly transformative. The skill, product and ambiance is superb. The care and unique use of product is unparalleled. Simply the best facial you’ll ever receive.
— Susan Taylor

Beyond amazing!! And my skin is tight and plump... I feel and look 10 years younger... plus I slept like a baby last night. This is my new have-to-have facial!
— Asia Warren, about the Microcurrent & Light Bio-frequency Facial

Emily is truly such a gift and has such a special way of holding space, of offering the most nourishing touch, and creating an experience that is healing on so many levels! I had been struggling with some really intense pain that originated under my shoulder blades but had wrapped all the way up around my neck and was even causing jaw tension and pain. Emily used the lightest touch and somehow like magic was able to release so much of the tightness! I honestly couldn’t believe how much better I felt when I walked out of the session. So, so grateful for Emily and will definitely continue to work with her in the future!
— Ashley Berry

Always spot-on in terms of comprehensive and thoughtful skincare services and consultations. Specifically, my recent Kansa Facial gave me an afterglow lasting weeks after my initial appointment. I learned that the energy source from the Kansa tool fosters healthy stimulation that benefits not just your facial skin, but your entire body! That is something else. Thank you. Five stars all around.

My service was absolutely divine!! Shae was a dream; first and foremost she took the time to cleanse energy from the space and former client, for which I am very grateful! I let her use her intuition with aromatherapy and she concocted beautiful mixes aiding to the grounding of my facial. She was gentle and compassionate and knowledgeable on my skin and the AMAZING products. They are earthy and powerful and yummy deliciousness for my skin and Self. I am so grateful to have found my go-to haven for self care. Thank you!!!
— Jenny Walker

Daron made me feel at home. My skin feels so rejuvenated; I have never been so thankful.
— Faith Rose

What a special Mother’s Day gift this was! I had never had a facial before and I felt so spoiled with Shae and her talent. Thank you Earthtonics!! I will be back for sure!
— Jay Caliendo

It was fantastic. One of the best facials I’ve ever had and so relaxing. I will definitely be back!
— Joanne Bromwell

I had the Botanical Back Cleanse and it was amazing. I was having a rotten week and wasn’t really in the mood for a new experience. I hadn’t been sleeping well and had an injured shoulder and a racing mind. It was the first massage (or scrub) where I was just present in the experience and enjoyed the sensations. My worries completely faded and I wasn’t overthinking anything. Onella worked on the sore parts of my shoulder (without my having to identify them) and it was just right. I am also pretty uptight and I was immediately comfortable. It was so great, I’m coming back in again this week.
— Tamar Swan

Everything about my facial was lovely. Shae is a pro! She is knowledgeable about skincare, essential oils, and Ayurveda. She is thorough, gentle, and provides a most relaxing experience. All the EarthTonics products are amazing! I use nothing else and my dry skin is now more supple and alive. Grateful!!
— Meg Dana

Shae was amazing during my Botanical Facial! The whole experience was so relaxing and calming. Shae was so sweet and caring to make sure I left happy and with a fantastic experience. Thank you Shae!
— Brittney Flinn

My face is glowing and has never looked better!
Thank you Shae for reviving my dull complexion. Her combined use of organic products, essential oils, and the Gua Sha Heart really polished and cleaned my face like no other. My girlfriends and I travel to Ojai once a year and at least two out of the four of us will always build in a treatment to our itinerary.
I’ve never been more comfortable or relaxed during a treatment and cannot wait to go back soon.
— Marissa Tassio

Shae was extremely knowledgeable! She did an incredible job! I suffer from cystic acne and she knew exactly how to treat it! I walked out feeling and looking refreshed! I woke up this morning with a completely cleared face! I have had many facials but nothing compared to what I experienced with Shae! My experience was amazing! I will be back!
— Franz Fuertez

I have never felt such relaxation in my life! I felt like I was floating and my mind has never been more clear. Also let’s not forget my skin looked INCREDIBLE afterwards. Daron makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. She seriously has magical hands. I can’t wait to go back for my next treatment :)
— Melissa Lamb

A relaxing, renewing experience! I was thrilled to have time for quiet, and the EarthTonics elixirs and aromatherapy were wonderful. Totally cleansing, soothing, hydrating and gentle. The facial felt inspired by Ayurveda and massage and Shae was perfect at being both energetic and calm. My face is glowing, even my eyes which are often red and irritated are bright and clear. I feel energized!

Wonderful facial, incredibly relaxing and pure bliss!!
— Kirsten Stoltmann

I love Earthtonics and the thoughtfulness that goes into every aspect of the experience! From the time you walk into the spa there is a feeling that you are sharing in the passion, artistry and purity of Earthtonics. You can trust that whatever is going onto your skin is nourishing your body and being!

Another extraordinary facial — nourishing, relaxing, transporting. Thank you!

Daron has been doing facials for me for the last 5 years. At 62, my skin looks better than it did when I was in my 30’s. Daron’s special gift is that she matches her “energy” to mine, regardless of my state of mind. Her products are superb, especially the Mushroom Mylk. With her care & products, I look forward to beautiful skin for the rest of my life!

I don’t come in for the glowing skin (although I do get that)—I come in for the sense of peace, utter relaxation, and connection. Shae is a true healer! I never thought I would be the type of person that gets regular facials, but I swear they are the only thing keeping me going in this crazy world lately.
— Amelia Duvall

What a beautiful deep experience of whole body care through what you might think of as a facial. Daron’s expert loving hands and Kanza work are truly life enhancing in every way. Thank you Daron for this beautiful journey and the deep opening it creates for my body harmony! Bless you!
— Katherine McClelland

With the ever-changing winter weather, my skin hasn’t felt great, but after my facial with Daron it felt healthy again. I also love the glow my skin gets after every facial! Counting down the days until my next one :)
— Kimi Wong

Earthtonics does not disappoint. The products are lovely, holistic, and a cut above others I have explored. Staff members are dedicated and knowledgeable. Having enjoyed a variety of Earthtonics services over the last three years, this spa has become the highlight every Ojai visit.
— Sharon Blakely

Having a facial at Earthtonics is like going on a mini vacation. My skin glows for weeks after my treatment.
— Brooke Giannetti

LOVED everything about my experience! My face feels incredible, but even more so, my heart feels full. Shae and Chantal were so welcoming and sweet. I left feeling so uplifted in every single way. It’s fitting that this post-treatment survey is called “the afterglow report” because that’s exactly how I felt: in a blissful afterglow. Thank you! I will be back :)
— Lindsay L

Onella is one of the most intuitive and versatile massage therapists I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. She listens, then listens again with her hands and intuition. No massage is ever the same, but each is perfectly suited to the needs of the day.
— Susan Taylor