My Vision

It is with sincere gratitude that I share my vision with you… a desire to create skincare products and beauty rituals that embody ultimate health, self-love, sustainability, and reciprocity toward the planet. I believe in working in tandem with Mother Earth to inspire a new wave of empowered beauty and self-care based in plant medicine, holistic awareness, and celebration of authentic beauty in all its variances. Thank you for joining me on my quest!

My Story


When I first started making EarthTonics over 10 years ago, I was starved for Nature. After living in NYC for the better part of a year, I had just returned to my idyllic hometown of Ojai, California. The smell of the chaparral and the gentle embrace of the Topa Topa Mountains reminded me how lucky I was to call this place home, and how much the land was a part of me. As my feet touched the earth again, I felt both grounded and stirred. I was inspired to commune with this place, with Nature, and steep myself in it. And so, the alchemy began...

Those early days spent in my botanical kitchen, experimenting and creating my first formulas, was a true homecoming— to myself. The craft felt natural and familiar, as my research continually affirmed my intuitive herbal hunches. And when I used these tonics, with reverence for all the pure plant energy contained within, my skin transformed. The sensitivities and imbalances I’d suffered from for years cleared, my skin was softer and brighter than ever before. Each day began and ended with a botanical ritual that returned me, with glowing gratitude, to my earthly vessel— present and perfect. This was a inner and outer transformation I had to share.

I envisioned a place— a humble sanctuary space— where my alchemical creations could be utilized in full expression. Before long, I opened The EarthTonics Spa, a holistic skincare and bodywork temple in the heart of downtown Ojai. I tempered my traditional skincare training with courses in herbalism, aromatherapy, taoist yoga and energy medicine. I realized that conventional skincare and spa treatments functioned primarily by creating a “wound response,” in other words, by causing injury to the skin in order to stimulate healing. I felt there was a better way, and I dedicated myself to discovering and offering treatments that honored the integrity of our whole body, using whole plant ingredients and energetic modalities-- both ancient and state-of-the-art-- to elicit powerful rejuvenation without causing harm. As I had hoped, my clients expressed a deep sense of nourishment and relaxation, with a youthful rosy glow to boot. Since then, The EarthTonics Spa has grown to encompass an acclaimed team of wellness practitioners offering our signature holistic facial, bodywork and acupuncture services.

My work is truly fulfilling. Every day provides the opportunity to witness transformation, as we learn to treat ourselves with intentional healing touch and Mother Nature’s plant medicines.

It’s my mission to deepen my understanding of holistic wellness, using the skin as a guide, and to share my discoveries as I explore what brings forth true radiant beauty in our being.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting these creations. I hope you take as much pleasure in using these products as I do in making them.

xo Daron