What Goes In

Our proprietary tonics draw from ancient herbal knowledge, blending exquisite artisanal, sustainably-harvested botanicals from our backyard and around the globe, restoring your skin and spirit to allow your true vibrant beauty to shine.   


It All Starts with Incredible Ingredients

We trust the inherent wisdom of the plants we choose for our tonics. We know them as vibrant healers who have evolved over millennia, offering their unique healing properties in perfectly balanced proportions. We blend these botanicals in their most wholesome, unadulterated forms for maximum efficacy, bioavailability and aromatherapy. Ingredients are sourced locally from organic growers and artisan distillers, and sustainably-sourced from remote corners of the Earth where certain rare botanicals thrive.

Our Fierce Commitment to Purity

Remember: Your skin drinks in whatever is applied to it, imbibing your skincare into your bloodstream and circulating it throughout your entire system. Because of this, we are fiercely committed to product purity. EarthTonics are free from toxic preservatives, harsh synthetic chemicals and mysterious “fragrance.” Lather up with joyous abandon, knowing our products are absolutely non-toxic.


Small-Batch Handcrafted

Our precious micro-batch formulas are blended regularly and hand-poured with loving intention to ensure our customers fresh, potent therapeutics, with a high vibration. All blending is done in-house in our Botanical Kitchen at the EarthTonics Spa.

Violet Glass

Beyond polluting our natural environment, plastic packaging poses potential health risks, as they often react with even natural ingredients like essential oils and begin to leach toxins into your personal care.

EarthTonics are bottled in recyclable Violet Glass, a vessel used since ancient Egyptian times to retain potency of medicines. These bottles bathe our skincare in Violet light, elevating their energetic frequency and lending a natural preservative capability beyond that of any other container available.

Shelf Life

For maximum potency and freshness, our products should be used within 8 months after opening. Store them in a cool place, out of direct sunlight, and always dip into jars with clean hands. Refrigeration is not needed.