Welcome to our herbal apothecary, where we invite you to envelope your skin in the truest essences of our Earth, and experience the sensual healing powers of Mother Nature. Handcrafted from organic & wild-harvested herbs and botanicals, EarthTonics are potent healing elixirs created to inspire loving beauty rituals and stimulate the skin's inherent ability to heal.   


S E A S O N A L   S K I N C A R E

Coming Soon... Small batch, CSA-style skincare specials...made with what's in season, to support your skin through the season!

These special tonics, formerly only available in our spa sessions, are next-level fresh, perishable, superfood packed with raw living nutrients to keep your skin glowing no matter what the season!

S h o p

New Products

healthy breast tonic oil

Healthy Breast Tonic

A nourishing blend of organic cold-pressed oils and extracts specific to breast health, this treatment is a divine feminine blend to support healthy breast tissue, strengthen the elasticity of the skin, and energize the lymphatics and immune system.


Cleanse, Exfoliate & Mask

Cardamom Cream Cleanser

A skin-softening, creamy enzyme cleanser with purifying herbs and botanicals. Nutrient-dense, cold-pressed organic oils melt away dirt & makeup while tropical fruit enzymes dissolve dead skin buildup.


Honey & Bamboo Facial Scrub

A “facial-a-jar” brightening treatment. Rose Geranium, Chaga Mushroom & Wild Yam are infused into raw honey, then blended with bamboo micro-beads for silky soft, radiant skin.


Heal & Hydrate

Botanical Toning Mist

Intoxicating floral hydrolats of Rose, Orange Blossom and Tulsi steeped with antioxidant-rich mushrooms & bilberry to revive and replenish.


Calm & Replenish Facial Oil

An illuminating facial serum steeped with healing meadow flowers of Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, Lavender & Calendula to strengthen skin’s elasticity and diffuse redness.


Seabuckthorn & Basil Eye Serum

A youth tonic for the delicate eye area designed to strengthen the dermal matrix for a tighter, brighter and more lifted window to the soul.


Repair Creme Concentrate

A deeply hydrating, whole-plant nutrient complex featuring Tahitian Tamanu & Meadowfoam Oil to strengthen delicate skin, heal scarring and stimulate skin cell turnover. 


Lip Tonic Balm

Hydrating and healing moisture for a soft, plump kisser. A non-sticky, long-lasting lip conditioner.


Aroma & Body Tonics

Frankincense Blossom Body Butter

A skin-quenching blend of Rosewater and African Shea Butter, infused with Frankincense, Ginger Lily & Lavender to stimulate circulation, tone and promote whole-body wellness. 


Forest & Flower Aromatonic

An intoxicating, deep woods fragrance for grounding & centering. Organic notes of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Cacao, Balsam & Lime with an elegant trace of Jasmine.

Apply to palms and inhale deeply. Massage into the pulse points, neck and ends of the hair. 


Grapefruit & Rose Body Nectar

A rich aromatic body oil, infused with deeply hydrating plant essences to restore luster and elasticity to dry skin.

Travel & Holistic Tools

Tread Lightly Travel Set

The perfect travel or try-me set for all skin types. A 2 week regimen of our best-selling botanical treatments designed to brighten, clarify and restore a youthful glow.


Kansa Facial Tools

Known in Ayurvedic medicine as the healing metal, KANSA is an ancient blend of healing bronze. It is highly resonant and conductive of bio-electricity. Massaging the face and body with these tools greatly increases blood flow and energy to the area, stimulating fibroblasts of natural collagen while aiding the body's natural detoxification processes.